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RASA Recreational Soccer Registration
Fall 2020 / Spring 2021


  • MAY 5th- First Day to Register for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Soccer Year
  • JULY 31st - Last Day to Register without Late Fee.
  • AUGUST 1st - Registrations received on and after AUGUST 1st will be charged a $20 late fee and are accepted based on roster space availability
  • SEPTEMBER 12th & 13th - First weekend of RASA Rec Games
  • OCTOBER 31st & NOVEMBER 1st -Last Weekend of RASA Rec Games

Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Soccer Year Fees

Age Division BIRTH YEAR / GRADE Full Year Fee 1 Season Fee Fall Only add Spring
U4 Small & Speedy 2017 $110 $70 +$55
U5 Coed 2016 $120 $90 +$55
U6 Coed 2015 $120 $90 +$55
U7 Coed 2014 $120 $90 +$55
U8 Coed 2013 $120 $90 +$55
U9 Boys / Girls 2nd & 3rd GRADE (Birth dates between 9/1/2011 through 12/31/2012) $130 $100 +$55
U10 Boys / Girls 4th GRADE $130 $100 +$55
U11 Boys / Girls 5th GRADE $130 $100 +$55
U12 Boys / Girls 6th GRADE $130 $100 +$55
U13 Boys / Girls 7th GRADE $130 $100 +$55
U14 Boys / Girls 8th GRADE $130 $100 +$55
AFC Union U5/U6 Futures Pre-Academy Supplemental Program 2016 & 2015 $60 $40 (Spring Only) NA
AFC Union U6/U7 Pre-Academy Program 2015 & 2014 $275 $165 (Spring Only) NA

Fees above do not include $5 processing fee added to all registrations

Fall Only Add Spring Fee
This Fee is for Fall Only registrations who after the Fall season decide add the following spring season to their fall registration. 

AFC Union Pre-Academy Programs
Visit for information on RASA's AFC Union programs

Included with your Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Soccer Year Registration Fees

  • BOTH Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Seasons
  • Approximately 7 to 8  games in the Fall 2020 Season and 7 to 8 games in the Spring 2021 Season (U5 through U14)**
  • Soccer Team Jersey & Soccer Socks (U5 through U14)
  • USSF Certified Referees on U9 through U14 Games. Referee fees are included in your registration fees. 
  • You have the option to register for Fall Only at the one season fee on the online registration

*Please See Game Cancelation Policies under RASA General Info. 

Team Practice Information

  • U5 through U14 are coached by volunteer coaches, typically parents of a player on the team
  • Teams practice 1x a week, Monday through Friday
  • The volunteer coach sets the practice night

Game Information

  • U4 Small & Speedy does not have games. Small & Speedy only meets 1x a week on the selected night you registered for. CLICK HERE for more information
  • U5-U14 Games on Weekends at SCORe Soccer Complex, RASA's privately owned outdoor soccer complex
  • You may have games on both Saturday and Sunday in the same weekend
  • Games on Saturdays start as early as 8:45am
  • Games on Sundays do not start until 12:00pm




 REQUESTS ARE FILLED BY DATE OF COMPLETED REGISTRATION - Registration submitted AND valid payment received. 

PLEASE NOTE: If mailing in a check for payment, registration is not considered complete and requests will not be honored until payment is received.

*IMPORTANT!  if player is playing up and age division or is a girl playing a boys team, you must submit your play up request/girl playing with boys request in writing to at time of registration. Failure to do so will result in the player being placed in their proper age division. Movement of player after roster assignments will not be made. 


Return To Same Team, Friend Request, Play Up Request, Girls Play In Boys Division Request


  • If registration numbers allow, we will form Union Grove-based teams
  • Teams will practice in Union Grove
  • Teams will play games in the RASA rec program at SCORe 
  • If you want your player to be on a Union Grove based team, be sure to indicate this on your registration by answering the UG Team question on the registration



Click the link above to register quickly and easily online. 

Online Registration Payment Options:

  • Online Credit Card
  • Mail-In Check or Money Order
    • Mailed in payments must be received within 14 days of registration.
    • Registrations without outstanding fees will be deleted after 30 days
    • Mail payment to:
      RASA Rec
      PO Box 370
      ​​​​​​​Franksville, WI 53126

Please Note:, If mailing in a check or money order, your registration is not complete until payment has been received. Any requests that have been made on the registration will not be fulfilled until payment is received. Date of payment received / completed registration is the date that will be used when considering any player requests. 



Click the link above and download and print the mail-in form.

Mail-In Registrations Payment Options:

  • Credit Card (place on form)
  • Check or Money Order
  • Mail Registration form & Payment to:
    RASA Rec
    PO Box 370
    Franksville, WI 53126

Please Note: You must send registration form AND full payment. Registrations without payment will not be processed. 


Click the link above to learn about RASA's Financial Aid program and Payment Plan options for families who need assistance. 

RASA's goal is to provide soccer to all players, regardless of financial situations. 


Requests received on or before AUGUST 14th

  • ​​​​Base Registration fees minus $35 ($5 Processing Fee is not refunded)

Requests received after AUGUST  15th NO REFUNDS

  • Refunds are not issued for teams in which no parent will step up to volunteer to coach. This is a parent-volunteer program. 
  • Refunds or discounts/credits for future seasons will not be issued for game cancelations due to weather and/or acts of God. Please see our game cancelation and reschedule policy in General RASA FAQ
  • Refunds are not given mid soccer year unless of injury preventing player from participating in the sport

All Refund Requests need to be made in writing and submitted to


COVID Related refunds due to soccer seasons canceled or limited by the WYSA (Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association).

If the fall 2020 season is canceled due to COVID:

  • Players with full-year registrations: Assuming Spring 2021 play, your registration will remain active for Spring 2021 and you will be assessed RASA's one season fee. This will generate a net $30 refund.
  • Players with fall only registrations: Your fall only registration will transfer to the spring 2021 season, and assuming Spring 2021 play, you will not receive a refund for Fall 2020.

If the whole year is canceled (Fall 2020 AND Spring 2021)

  • Players will receive a refund of their fees minus $35 administration and player cost fees (player insurance, registration fees, etc)

COVID-Related refunds will only be issued when season is canceled by WYSA. All other refunds will be governed by the club's refund/non-refund policy.

Questions? Please Contact

Carissa Wentorf

RASA Recreation Administrator

Phone: 414-909-3145